The Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table is a non-profit, regional partnership between labour, business and education/training institutions. Our mission is to ensure the Asia Pacific Gateway has enough people with the right skills and training to meet its needs.

By 2020, Asia Pacific container traffic to North America could generate $76 billion for B.C. and $230 billion for Canada, according to recent provincial announcements. Even a 1% increase in container traffic through B.C. ports translates into $250 million per year and 4000 new jobs for B.C.'s economy.

With the Asia Pacific region leading global long-term growth, Canada is focusing on developing the infrastructure to meet the needs of this increasing trade. Providing a platform for the cross-section of Gateway stakeholders to share ideas, concerns and perspectives, the Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table ensures that B.C. will have the labour resource capacity to build and operate the Gateway.

What's New

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Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table wishes to acknowledge the funding support from the Sector Council Program, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative led by Transport Canada.