Friday, July 16, 2010

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July 14, 2010

Feature | Professional Services

Human resources guide designed for smaller construction firms

There is a book about to be launched that could save contractors thousands of dollars. It is called Your Guide to Human Resources (Practical Tips and Tools for the Construction Industry). It is part of a program designed and financed by the federal government and rolled out by the Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table. The program is funded by Human Resources Skills Development Canada. The project manager, Krista Bax, summarized the purpose of the program. "The federal government has invested billions of dollars to enhance the Asia Pacific Corridor," she said. "It has invested in physical assets such as highways, bridges, ports and airports."

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Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table wishes to acknowledge the funding support from the Sector Council Program, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative led by Transport Canada.