Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prince George Free Press Reports on Skills Table Training

Cargo training money coming to airport
Katherine Scouten - IPG vice-president

By Arthur Williams - Prince George Free Press

Initiatives Prince George and the Prince George Airport received $57,000 in provincial funding to provide cargo training and certification for workers at the airport.

The funding comes through the Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table, which was created by the federal government to promote human resource development and training for cargo shipping in B.C. The $250,000 B.C. Strategic Training and Transition Fund was created to support worker skill development at B.C. ports and airports.

Initiatives Prince George vice-president of economic development Katherine Scouten said cargo carriers are looking for more than just physical capacity when they look at an airport.

“The training is really important,” Scouten said. “When carriers are making decisions on where to operate, they look at the training and staff.”

The training will cover areas including refuelling for cargo craft, cargo handling, dangerous goods handling and aircraft maintenance engineering.

The majority of the training will take place in the workplace with courses lasting a couple of weeks or a couple of days, she said.

“It’s really about building that capacity to ensure we can provide good service to carriers,” Scouten said.

Prince George Airport president John Gibson could not be reached for comment as of press time.

In a press release, Gibson said: “Because our location is ideal for cargo aircraft requiring stops when crossing the Pacific, developing a highly-skilled and productive workforce will be an asset in delivering services efficiently to the international clients who utilize our airport.”

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Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table wishes to acknowledge the funding support from the Sector Council Program, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative led by Transport Canada.