Monday, June 17, 2013

Skills in Crisis - Bridging the gap an urgent priority

By Louise A. Legault

Last fall, there were 268,000 unfilled jobs in Canada. In the manufacturing sector alone, more than 20,000 positions remain empty. Nearly 50 per cent of Canadian manufacturers are experiencing labour shortages today, and by 2016, Canada will have 660,000 unskilled workers and 1.3 million skilled jobs sitting vacant

Meanwhile, Canadian unemployment sits at around seven per cent, with youth unemployment doubling that figure — a stark predicament that has a lingering effect on both youth and the economy.

These numbers represent an industry — and a country — undergoing a time of unprecedented change to its workforce makeup. We have people without jobs and jobs without people — a situation to be intensified in the coming years by an aging population.

“It’s time we all wake up to the reality that our future prosperity is at stake and that high-paying jobs demand a highly skilled workforce,” says CME President & CEO Jayson Myers.

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