Top Tips for Winning an Interview


You just got a call from you would be the company that you are shortlisted and therefore scheduled for a job interview. As is expected, mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness get into you when you ponder about the next step of action. Here are a six powerful tips which may just offer you the job that you have been longing for.

Do a Thorough Scrutiny of Business’s Website

Doing research about the firm will provide you with a mouthful of information regarding the provider’s history, place, its present direction, production trends, and its own competitive advantage. Having such, vital information can allow you to determine the gaps in the business besides preparing you with a list of questions that you may want to ask your potential employer. Quality queries from interview candidates usually score them tremendously against other candidates who never ask questions.

Evaluate Your Skills Against the Job Requirements Needed

Now that you are shortlisted for an interview, you may want to ignore this important suggestion. But before you even consider it, realize that matching your skills against the job requirements will put you in a better position to explain why you’re the best choice for the business in that specific position. Your skills need to not appear on the job demands list word by word that you secure the occupation. Of more essence is the fact that your skill base will provide you the capacity to deal with the position before you satisfactorily.

Assess Your Body Language

Your body language speaks volume without your own tongue. When preparing for an interview, make certain you have enough rest the night before to prevent dangerous yawns before the panel members. More so, ensure to eat enough breakfast to hold you up for the day in the event of a face-to-face interview which may well extend into the afternoon. If you love your bottle of whiskey, better is safe than sorry. Avoid it at all cost on the day before and the interview day. This will let you be fresh of mind, be sober and have clear thought throughout the interview. Project a confident body language by maintaining eye contact and giving a firm handshake when grinning to your nearest and dearest. Finally, during the job interview, sit straight on the seat without slouching or leaning on the table.

Prepare and Have the Appropriate Outfit for Your Interview With You

Most interview outfits are formal with black, white, brown, blue or white colors. For men, a suit or a well-ironed shirt and trouser with well-polished black shoes will do. Ladies can dress in suits also or official pants. Still, a decent good color scout and blouse is going to do. Ladies should avoid a lot of jewelry and makeup that might create unnecessary focus throughout the interview. Avoid seductive dressing at all price as this may work against you by portraying you as a disrespectful person to the panelists and the event available.

Rehearse Interview Questions and Answers With a Friend

Overconfidence can be harmful. You’re a perfect fit to the job demands, you learn more about the company like the back of your hand and you feel you’ve got what it takes to get the job. But rehearsing for the job interview could just be the thin line which will really make a gap between you and another qualified candidate. Rehearsing for an interview can help you find answers to frequent interview questions asked. Additionally, it will help you relate your past work experiences with the job you’re attempting to win. More importantly, it is going to allow you to listen to your voice thus giving you more confidence.

Carry Essentials

Just like a lawyer carrying documented proof to court against the defendant, a candidate for an interview also has to carry with him documents that will prove their skills are exactly what he or she states during the job interview. Your academic and professional certificates, testimonials and other crucial documents can’t afford to overlook your handbag or briefcase. Remember also to take a notebook and a pencil; you may want to use it to write down important points throughout the interview. A bottle of water to prevent dry coughs and thirst can also be significant.

Job interviews normally come and go. Some last for a day and some can take more than 1 day. The most important point to consider is that as an individual you have what it takes to pass this specific interview. From the fact that you were shortlisted means, you had a whole lot of potential that the other candidates didn’t have. Therefore, as a candidate for an interview, always keep the image you project in your application records, follow the rules, be a great student of life and there! You have your work.

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