Completed Projects


Engineers, Geoscientists, Technologists and Technicians (EGTT) Labour Market Research Study

Addressing the Supply Gap of Women’s Participation in the Transportation Sector Project


Moving Canada’s Trade: Labour Market Information Project

Prince Rupert / Port Edward Labour Supply Study

Developing a National Mobile Crane Operator Demonstration of Skills Test (DOST)

2016 Asia Pacific Gateway Corridor (APGC) Labour Market Information Project

Attrition in Gateway Management & Knowledge Transfer Project


Labour Force Profile of Port Drayage Drivers in Atlantic Canada

Study of Innovative Technologies for Communicating Real-Time Information to Port Drayage Drivers

Engineers, Geoscientists, Technologists and Technicians Labour Market Information

Port of Montreal Drayage Labour Profile and Technology Penetration Study

Women in Transportation Careers – Understanding Participation in Canada


Accelerated Apprenticeship Learning for Mobile Crane Operators in B.C. - Pilot Project

Technology and Skills in Transportation

Terminal Trades Occupational Analysis

Drayage Excellence Metrics in Metro Vancouver

Labour Force Profile of Port Drayage Drivers in Metro Vancouver

Vancouver Drayage Truck Turn-Time Analysis

Identifying Successful Business Practices of Profitable Drayage Owner Operators in Metro Vancouver

Labour Market Initiative

Tracking Tradespersons: Understanding the Labour Mobility of Tradespersons in the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG)


Building Capacity for Integrated and Strategic Planning in the Asia Pacific Gateway

Supervisor Foreperson Skill Development

Asia Pacific Gateway Apprenticeship Engagement Initiative


Labour Market Information Gap Analysis

Clearinghouse Project

HR Essentials for Small-to -Medium Sized Enterprises

UBC Youth Recruitment Report: Attracting Students to the Asia Pacific Gateway

Transferable Skills Training and Certification for Asia Pacific Gateway Crane Operators

Technology & Innovation in the Asia Pacific Gateway

Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table (APGST) Training Fund

Solving Skills Shortages at the Prince George Airport (YXS)

Business of Shipping


B.C. Security Labour Market Roundtable

Partnerships (funding agreement held by partner organizations, project management by APGST)

Applicant Database Replacement Project

Work Experience

B.C./Canada and India Mutual Recognition Agreement Project

NorKam Secondary School Commercial Driver Training Program

Foreign Qualifications Database Project

British Columbia (B.C.) and Washington State (WA) Crane Certification Recognition Pilot Project

Tools for Assessing an Immigrant Truck Driver's Non-Canadian Experience

Working in B.C. Project

Database Development Project – Phase 1 – Business Requirements and Vendor Selection

One-Year Experience in Canada Project

Foreign Training Assessment for Technologists and Technicians

B.C. Trucking Industry: Attraction, Recruitment and Retention Communications and Outreach Work Plan

B.C. Professional (Truck) Driver Training Pilot Project

The Accelerator Project

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Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table wishes to acknowledge the funding support from the Sector Council Program, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative led by Transport Canada.